We want to make good films. As simple as that.


Autograf  is a dynamic production company established in 2010 producing feature films, documentaries, TV shows. We also provide production management services for others.

We tell stories which we find interesting, funny, educational and touching. Stories told in an approachable sometimes funny and entertaining way.

We believe that our way of story-telling through joy, insight, laughter and tears – results in same outcome in the audience – we all gain unique and precious experience and emotions.

We want to make good films. As simple as that.


The Iron Bridge; feature
Kacper, a foreman, is having an affair with his friend’s Oskar wife, also a miner. In order to be able to see her Kacper sends Oskar to far and dangerous parts of the mine. During one of their encounters Oskar gets covered and stuck. Both lovers organize rescure mission.
Of Animals and Men; documentary
A story about Żabiński marriage who run Warsaw ZOO during the second World War and how the couple manage to rescue Jews for Warsaw ghetto.
Amateurs; feature
Krzysiek’ś theatre and his intellectually disabled actors win a festival. The prize, given by a professional theatre, is a staging of a play. Great joy, great chance, great expectations: they have just had been working on a new play “Zorba the Greek”. Yet, it turns out that the award is to take part in the Shakespeare Festival. They decide to stand up for the challenge…a film star is about to help them…
Dir.: Monika Jordan – Młodzianowska
DOP: Piotr Kukla NSC/PSC
Dir.: Łukasz Czajka
DOP: Kacper Czubak
dir. Iwona Siekierzyńska
in production
Tomek likes risks, so he makes up cars for the money out of insurance. He does not have, however, as much control over his life as over the cars. At the moment when he totally loses it, he would have to finally face what he had been running from for so long.
Raiders of the Family Treasure; family feature
Two young, hungry for adventure cousins come across a letter of War times with some information about a hidden treasure. They follow traits of a mysterious sender, which lead to the past. Along their journey they have no map but the best and trustworthy Pyx: the family. 
Love Turbulences; feature
A young woman, working in a corporation changes her life drastically and becomes a flight attendant. She travels the World in the pursuit of her true self, passion, love.
Screenplay and direction: Michał Bielawski
in development
screenplay: Beata Krękiewicz
in development
screenplay: Beata Krękiewicz
in development
House Mine Field; TV show
Show hosted by a popular vloger Justyna Kozłowska, mom of three cute kids- Basia, Jadzia and Romek. Justyna shares her ideas for educational plays, ways of spending quality time together and dealing with parental challenges. Popular parents are invited to the show to tell their stories  and a psychologist- Małgorzata Ohme comments on episode’s topic and gives practical hints for parents. The show is  shooted at Justyna’s home with its natural inhabitants – the kids, which makes the atmosphere natural, appealing and unique at the same time.
TV editor: Ewa Ogórek – Wichrowska
in production


Anna Wereda

Driving and acting force, producer, experienced production manager.

Kamila Polit

Associate producer.

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